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ZiL-157 (15 pcs)

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  • Soviet general-purpose military truck



In 1958, an improved model, the ZIL-157, was introduced. It differed outwardly by its grille and having single rear tires, instead of the ZiL-151’s dual tires. Both models remained in production side by side until 1966.

In 1956, the Chinese began license building the ZiS-151 as the Jiefang CA10 at First Automobile Works, with slightly more power and angular front fenders. The improved single tire CA30, introduced in 1958, remained in production until 1986.

Additional Information: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZIL-151

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2 reviews for ZiL-157 (15 pcs)

  1. Tranchat (verified owner)

    Very beautiful model

  2. Christopher (verified owner)

    Very detailed for their size (11mm). Alittle bit of remains from the casting process and where they are clipped, but not bad overall; Alittle sanding and they are fine.

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