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We will be on vacation and products from our shop will be unavailable for purchase from April 4th through April 18th. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Our business hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.

Recreate Battles on A Grand Scale

Pico Armor has one of the largest selections of 1/600 & 3mm wargaming miniatures, terrain, miniatures rules, and accessories. We are proud to offer the Oddzial Osmy line of 3mm and 15mm miniatures. Our Oddzial Osmy product ranges include 3mm Modern, 3mm WWII, 3mm WWI, 3mm Napoleonic, 3mm American Civil War, 3mm Ancients, 3mm Sengoku Jidai Samurai, 3mm Seven Years War, and 3mm Sci-Fi. We also stock 15mm Sci-Fi, 15mm Modern, and 15mm Cold War miniatures.

We have wide range of 2mm and 3mm buildings, 3mm terrain, and 3mm trains. And we stock a variety of rules sets, decals, and gaming accessories.

Pico Armor is dedicated to supporting 1/600 & 3mm miniature wargaming where you can recreate battles on a grand scale for a reasonable cost.


3D PanzerBlitz 2024 Tentative Convention Schedule

HMGS Little Wars
April 18th – 21st
Lombard, IL

Origins 2024
June 18th – 22nd
Columbus, OH

Historicon 2024
July 19th – 23rd
Lancaster, PA

Nash Con 2024
August 15th – 18th
Nashville, TN

Hurricon 2024
Orlando, FL

Flat Con 2024
October 11th – 13th
Bloomington, IL

Rock-Con 2024
November 1st – 3rd
Rockford, IL

3D PanzerBlitz
3D PanzerBlitz
3D PanzerBlitz
3D PanzerBlitz game in 3mm WWII miniatures

3D PanzerBlitz

3D PanzerBlitz is our new demo game that we put together to run at conventions. We have combined our Oddzial Ozmy 3mm WWII miniatures with the classic Avalon Hill PanzerBlitz game to create a visually appealing introductory game for those players that have never tried playing a wargame. Our plan is to take this on the road to conventions and hobby/game shops with gaming areas. Check out the video for a little intro into how we put things together and to see what the setup looks like.

3D PanzerBlitz Update

We have gotten many requests for information on how we created the map. The map files come from the Imaginative Strategist website. Our latest map covers a 4′ x 8′ area. The map was created using Map 17 and about 1/3 of Map 11. It is printed as a vinyl indoor banner which we had done through VistaPrint.

Download the map file in pdf format

The counters are made with 30mm square bases.

Download counter labels

We modified a few things in the rules and have incorporated several suggestions from players that played in our convention games.

Download updated player aid


3D PanzerBlitz AAR

Check out the second video on the right to see our After Action Report on our first play of 3D PanzerBlitz that we ran at Rock-Con 2022 in Rockford, Il.

Pico Merch now available on Teespring.

Pico Armor on Little Wars TV
Operation Martlet 1944

Panzer Korps™ Division/Brigade Packs

HR GAMES and PICO ARMOR announce their 3mm range of WWII & Modern Range DIVISION and BRIGADE packs that feature a complete assortment of miniatures needed to field their respective national Force Groups for PANZER KORPS™.

Released in 2008, PANZER KORPS allows players to enjoy larger engagements within a fast play system. Incorporating many innovative design elements, the system continues to grow. By integrating various subtle game mechanics into the game flow, the player is able to enjoy the detail and realism of a PANZER KORPS game without having to keep track of those elements. Easy to learn, yet hard to master. Covers all conflicts 1936-1945.

Visit for more information on PANZER KORPS.

Pico Wants Your After Action Reports

Pico Armor would like to share your AARs of PicoArmor products on our website.
Send us your write-ups, photos, blog links, and/or videos and we will send you a coupon for 10% off your next order.

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Customer service was top notch. Open communication throughout the entire process, a company that puts the customers first.

Clifford H.★★★★★

Precise, excellent packaging and if you have the opportunity to meet them, some of the most friendly folks to work with. Vivat!!

Bruce M.★★★★★

Brilliant models, fantastic customer service, this scale is very much suited to company-battalion level games, such as Fistful of TOWs and Blitzkrieg Commander.

Harley G.★★★★★

John at Pico Armor is incredible. I placed an order late on the 7th and received it, in Alaska, on the 10th. Thanks John. I look forward to doing more business with you.