T-34 m.1941 (15 pcs)

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Soviet medium tank version armed with the longer F-34 76.2 mm gun.

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The T-34 medium tank is one of the most-produced and longest-lived tanks of all time.

Identification of T-34 variants can be complicated. Turret castings, superficial details, and equipment differed between factories; new features were added in the middle of production runs, or retrofitted to older tanks; damaged tanks were rebuilt, sometimes with the addition of newer-model equipment and even new turrets.[1] Some tanks had appliqué armor made of scrap steel of varying thickness welded onto the hull and turret; these tanks are called s ekranami (“with screens”), although this was never an official designation for any T-34 variant.

Additional Information: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-34_variants

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  1. Bruce A Kimball (verified owner)

    Rather than writing reviews on all the 3mm pieces I purchased, this covers them all. The detail and accuracy are amazing ! No idea how they can produce such a great product for such a low price. Can’t wait to order new releases.

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