Semovente 47/32 (15 pcs)

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Light assault gun/tank destroyer.


Semovente da 47/32

The Semovente L. 40 da 47/32 was an Italian self-propelled gun built during World War II. It was created by mounting a Cannone da 47/32 anti-tank gun in an open-topped, box-like superstructure on a L 6/40 light tank chassis. Some were built as command tanks with a radio installed instead of the main gun. An 8 mm machine gun disguised as the 47 mm main gun was used on these versions to make them look like a regular Semovente 47/32s. About 300 Semoventi da 47/32 were built from 1941 onward. The Semovente da 47/32 was the most heavily armed Italian armoured fighting vehicle used on the Eastern Front.

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  1. Mark Rhodes (verified owner)

    Nicely sculpted figures — my Italian army needs those. Always, fantastic service.

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