G.I. II (15 pcs)

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Bazookas, MGs and 81 mm mortar with crew

4 reviews for G.I. II (15 pcs)

  1. ADAM B SHILLING (verified owner)

    You’ve got enough machine guns, mortars and bazookas to outfit a full one to one platoon or many companies.

  2. Buddy McPeak (verified owner)

    Lots of soldiers for the price. Not fragile like 285th size. Can be hard to cut/snap apart. Ended up with 35 heavy weapons stands all for under $4

  3. Dyke (verified owner)

    Great value… superior detail..superb customer service

  4. Dave (verified owner)

    Sculpting and casting quality is great, but the description is poor. You get 8 of one strip and 7 of another, randomly, not 15 of what’s pictured.

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