Civil War Battles: Gettysburg

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July 1, 1863, dawns hot and bright in southeastern Pennsylvania. General Lee had slipped behind the Union Armies, which were moving south to engage them in what many believed, then and now, to be the climactic battle of the American Civil War.

SKU: ACW-Gettysburg


The heart of Campaign Gettysburg is the campaign system. At each stage of a campaign, players choose from 2-4 operational decisions that will result in a tactical battle to be played out on an expansive map, providing room for maneuver. The campaign is non-linear, with both offensive and defensive operational options available to each side.

Campaign Gettysburg contains a record breaking 314  scenarios, including the historic battle of Gettysburg and battles leading up to and after it. Though every scenario may also be played as a stand-alone, the bulk of the scenarios are integrated into the operational/tactical campaigns, providing a high degree of replay value.

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