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PicoArmor is a website dedicated to war gaming at the 1/600 scale. We are offering Oddzial Osmy (O8) miniatures and our 3mm buildings as leading products. We also carry Brigade Models excellent line of 2mm (1/900 scale) buildings and terrain that blend in very nicely on the gaming table with the 3mm miniatures.



The Johns wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!  We will be celebrating together with extended family and a thorough excess of food.  We hope you and yours enjoy the day as much as we will!

Shipping Delays - Please note that Pico will be closed from Wednesday, 25 Nov. through Sunday, 29 Nov. to celebrate and catch a breath.  Our apologies for the shipping delays this creates but we hope you will spend the days with family and friends.  We will be back up and running on Monday, the 30th.


New O8 October Releases Are Here!

The new O8 stock shipment arrived.  Check out the New Products section for what came in for this month.  


New Facebook Page

Pico has a new Facebook page that you can access!  The address is:  www.facebook.com/picoarmor.  Please join us there and post up any photos or comments you would like to share!  Thanks!!


Out of Stock

We are now sold out of the following item(s):  

Miniatures:  SA-624 (BTR-60PB)  /  CW-1501 (Polish CW Infantry I) 

Terrain:  We just received new stock for the various Brigade Models terrain items.  The entire line is now back in stock.    

Decals:  GB-600-2 (British Type A1 Roundel)  /  IQ-600-1 (Iraqi markings)  /  US-600-1 (WWII US Star w/Red Center)  /  US-600-5 (USAF high-visibility markings)  /  US-600-7 (Navy lettering)  /  US-600-9 (USAF lettering) 


Hussari, 15mm Si-Fi 

Some of you have been asking about what the new Hussari figures in the 15mm Si-Fi line represent.  I checked with Marcin, stating that I assumed they were an interpretation of the Polish Winged Hussars, and this is what he sent back:

"The Hussari indeed have their roots in the look of the Winged Hussars from the XVII Century.  They are designed as a heavy assault infantry unit cooperating sometimes with NVL light infantry.  I had nothing specific in mind when making the wings.  They can be force field generators, part of a decoy system, a kind of jump-pack, or just there for a cool look."

Looks like you are all free to interpret the "wings" freely as to how you utlize them in your gaming.  Enjoy!  Also, there are more Hussari figures coming up in the future.



Due to the ongoing and inconsiderate intrusion of real life distractors we remain planning additional expansion of the web site but not quite able to complete the projects.  Please bear with us.

- Updates to the links page as some of you have noted several are no longer functional.

- Hoping to see the photo gallery back up at long last by the end of the year with lots of old and new pictures.

- John S. continues to hope to post up a couple of tutorials on painting and basing the O8 minis.


Other News:

- Trimming Sprues.  We often receive questions about the material used in the casting of the O8 line of miniatures.  Marcin uses an aluminum-zinc alloy for these.  It tends to be much harder than what many makers use.  Consequently they can be brittle and gun barrels will sometimes snap off when you try to remove sprews and flashing.  

We recommend the use of actual wire snips to do this.  For those with access, the model we use is the Sears Craftsman 45660 Professional.  We get good clean cuts with it.

- Web Oddities.  We continue to find odds and ends of data that get garbled as work is done to the web site.  We have catch some of these things but not always.  If you find items that are missing information or have something that does not make sense, please let us know so we can update it properly.


- The Johns


Updated: 23 Nov 2015

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Pico 3mm tanks and figures
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