Yom Kippur Sample Pack

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PP-301 includes:

  • 3 Centurion (UK-618)
  • 3 M113 (US-603)
  • 3 M109 (US-610)
  • 3 T-55 (SA-614)
  • 3 BTR-50 (SA-637)
  • 3 Polish M-30 howitzer (WP-602)
  • 3 Infantry (BW612 & IS-607)

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Weight .09 lbs

2 reviews for Yom Kippur Sample Pack

  1. Kel (verified owner)

    I ordered this pack as a way of dipping my toe into the 3mm scale with an idea of using picoarmor figures for playing brigade scale games of Arab-Israeli wars using the Cold War Commander rules set. I must say I was stunned by the level of detail I discovered upon opening the pack, the figures are crisp and have minimal flashing. Would definitely recommend!

  2. Matt (verified owner)

    Excellent. I was wondering if I want to invest in this little minis and this sample pack convinced me that i will be buying more. The sample pack gives a good idea of each type of troop, tanks, afv, spg, arty, and infantry. Looks great paints up quick and easy and has minimal flash

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