WW2 Russian Front Sample Pack

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PP201 Includes:

  • 3 T-34 WSU-603
  • 3 ZiS 5 WSU-610
  • 3 PzKwIVE WWH-633
  • 3 Opel Blitz WWH-608
  • 3 Infantry stands WSU-607 & WSU-608
  • 3 PaK 35/36 WWH-619
  • 3 Horse Limbers WPL-606

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Weight .09 lbs

3 reviews for WW2 Russian Front Sample Pack

  1. Gordon Davis (verified owner)

    Beautiful sculpting and fine detail even at this small scale. Great customer service and speedy delivery. I will buy more of these figures.

  2. Camden Hamilton

    Great Starting point for painting and gaming at this scale, I cannot recommend them enough!

  3. Connor Evans (verified owner)

    Highly recommend if you want to try painting at this scale before committing to a whole army. All the models have nice detail and look great painted.

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