V-22 Osprey (2 pcs)

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V/STOL military transport aircraft.

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3 reviews for V-22 Osprey (2 pcs)

  1. Harley Graves (verified owner)

    the Osprey was one I was really looking forward to and had researched other possibile vendors for. The picoarmor model is simultaniously better and less expensive than any other options I found. also worth noting the engines are seprate and so can be positioned as your needs indicate.

  2. Mason Hill (verified owner)

    I know the price may seem a little eh but I suggest you buy this. I have four currently, and this is a model I’ve been waiting for a long time

  3. Kai Garcia (verified owner)

    Ordered a pack. Bit of flash to clean up, suggest using a filer vrs a cutter, as the model is super resilient. I have some 3d printed ones, and the detail is on par with them, while also being a better choice for the price. Super resilient and awesome detail. Of note, lost my login for pico so just ordered as a non user.

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