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US Infantry II (10+5 pcs)

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  • Standing strips with support weapons (LAWs, ATGMs, MGs, MANPADs) and command.

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Weight 0.03125 lbs

3 reviews for US Infantry II (10+5 pcs)

  1. Mark (verified owner)

    Great detail, these really paint up well, 10stands of 2 dragons,, 1 LAW,1 MG.
    5 stands of command, stinger, and mortar (possibly)

  2. Mark (verified owner)

    Great detail on these. Comes with 10 stands of 1 LAW, 2 Dragon, 1 MG, and 5 stands of 1 Stinger, and 2 command. Can also use the stinger for a standing SMAW unit and The crouched command easily doubles as a 60mm mortar.

  3. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Work well at complimenting the US Infantry I sets and they superglue well to 3D printed bases and next to 3D printed vehicles.

    The durability is fantastic.

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