T-34 m.1943 (15 pcs)

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Last medium tank version with a 76.2 mm gun, featuring a new, larger turret.

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1 review for T-34 m.1943 (15 pcs)

  1. David Schaffner (verified owner)

    These T-34s have amazing detail for their size (I have two battalions of them organized 1 for 1 on platoon stands for my WW2 grand-tactical gaming).
    I prime and paint Soviet armor with a base color of light ‘zinc chromate’ green, then wash them with an Army Painter Green Tone.
    The final step – let the sculpted edges do the work….that is, dry-brush the surface details with a light color to highlight those details to accentuate what we’ll from our tabletop viewpoint. I use white as my top dry-brush color….it pops the raised details, and helps create the illusion of greater 3D affect.
    For gaming Bn.-level scenarios, Pico Armor (O8) minis are a great way to go IMO – for the reasonable cost, and to render operational space on that typical-size battle board, the scale allows a sweet spot for WW2 combined-arms gaming projects.
    Lastly, I’ve gotten great service form Pico Armor over the years – best actually of all the companies I’ve delt with in 50 years in this miniatures wargaming hobby.

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