T-26 m.1933 (15 pcs)

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Soviet light tank 45 mm cannon

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The T-26 tank was a Soviet light infantry tank used during many conflicts of the 1930s and in World War II. It was a development of the British Vickers 6-Ton tank and was one of the most successful tank designs of the 1930s until its light armour became vulnerable to newer anti-tank guns.[3] It was produced in greater numbers than any other tank of the period, with more than 11,000 manufactured.[4] During the 1930s, the USSR developed 53 variants of the T-26, including flame-throwing tanks, combat engineer vehicles, remotely controlled tanks, self-propelled guns, artillery tractors, and armoured carriers. Twenty-three of these were series-produced, others were experimental models.

Additional Information: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-26

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