Savage Fury

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PANZER KORPS BATTLE SCENARIOS Volume XII is the Twelfth in a series of Scenario books designed specifically for the PANZER KORPS WWII Rules System. 14 ready to play Scenarios featuring various action with scenarios, maps & Force Groups.

Scenarios included:
WESTERN FRONT: Hell’s Highway 1944
EASTERN FRONT: The Bloody Triangle 1941
MEDITERRANEAN FRONT: Action In The Levant 1941
BALKAN FRONT: A Cold Wind Blows 1944
SPANISH CIVIL WAR: Encounter At Villalba 1938
EASTERN FRONT: General Landgraf’s Armored Surprise 1941
ITALIAN FRONT: Battle of Monte Lungo 1943
EASTERN FRONT: To The Ends Of The Earth 1942
BLACK SEA FRONT: Taman Peninsula 1942
EASTERN FRONT: Juggernaut 1944
EASTERN FRONT: Operation Zitadelle 1943
EASTERN FRONT: Operation Doppelkopf 1944
EASTERN FRONT: Counter Blow At Soltsy 1941
BALKAN FRONT: Paw Of The Tiger 1944

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