Ruin Pack (Pack of 3 Assorted)

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These little ruins are suitable for many war gaming eras and genres. From a Napoleonic game to a Sci-Fi game, these pieces will add a little more realism to your tabletop battlefield. More images will be available soon. Although every effort will be made to ensure that one of each ruin type is included per pack this cannot be guaranteed. Duplicates may be included subject to stock.

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3 reviews for Ruin Pack (Pack of 3 Assorted)

  1. Ahmed (verified owner)

    Nice detail. Did have a lot of extra bits on the bottom that will need to be cut/filed in order to lay flat.

  2. Patrick Cunningham (verified owner)

    6, not 5 stars. Could be my favorite piece in the 3mm range. Larger foot print than the Ruins I/2/3 6-packs. Paint up great, and was able to pull a ton of detail out with a dry brush. Unbelievable detail for 3mm.

  3. Mark Beadle (verified owner)

    Will be a good addition to the other ruin packs to fill out destroyed areas of city hexes or shot up farmhouses

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