RBY Mk 1 (15 pcs)

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Recon armored car.

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The RBY Mk 1 is a light armoured reconnaissance vehicle that was produced by the RAMTA Division of Israel Aircraft Industries. RBY is and anglicized acronym for “Rechev Ben-Yaacov”. “Rechev” is Hebrew for “vehicle” and “Ben-Yaacov” is the last name of the creator of the vehicle, Yitzchak Ben-Yaacov (1919-2011). In Israel the vehicle is known as the “Rabi”, a pronunciation of the acronym. It was replaced in Israeli service by the RAMTA RAM 2000 family of vehicles, though it continues to be used and upgraded by foreign users.[1] The RBY Mk 1 is no longer marketed to new customers.

Additional Information: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RBY_MK_1

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