Pvpj 1110 (7+7)

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  • Swedish 90 mm RR – in towed and mounted on 4×4 car version


Pvpj 1110

The Pvpj 1110 (Pansarvärnspjäs 1110) is a Swedish 90 mm recoilless rifle. It is also widely known as Pv-1110. It entered service at the early 1960s and was phased out of service in the Swedish Army in the late 1990s after 1,600 had been produced. Some 300 weapons were transferred to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Pvpj 1100 was typically towed by, or mounted on, a Pvpjtgb 9031 Volvo truck. From the late 1970s it has also been mounted on the Tgb 1111 and the Bv 2062 tracked carrier.

Additional Information: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pvpj_1110

Note: Less than packs are sold in pairs

– 2 pcs = 1 deployed on ground + 1 vehicle mounted

– 4 pcs = 2 deployed on ground + 2 vehicle mounted

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