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PANZER KORPS is a complete Divisional Wargame solution for recreating WWII in miniature. Command Corps, Divisions and Brigades across the globe with PANZER KORPS’ terrain generation system and refight scenarios or create your own using a point system. Can be used with any scale from 1/600 to 25mm, PANZER KORPS does not require rebasing to play and can easily use popular basing systems. Visit PANZERKORPHQ yahoo group for details, fast play charts, and scenarios.

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  1. mikemonsoon (verified owner)

    I’ve mostly done 25mm skirmish gaming, so coming into a whole new idea around “division level” was a big change for me. The rules in Panzer Korps are very easy to grasp (and the reference sheets in the back of the book are very helpful) and really help reinforce the idea of running big units (formations) and bigger (potentially multi-day) battles. Besides some minor editing issues, this was an excellent book and I can’t wait to start building up my collection of micro armies to fight epic battles!

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