NVL Troopers II (6 pcs)

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‘Assault’ style set. 15 mm

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2 reviews for NVL Troopers II (6 pcs)

  1. Robert Foran (verified owner)

    This pack contains six unique, highly detailed miniatures. If you bought the NVL Troopers pack also, you’ll have twelve riflemen in unique poses. Flash is minimal and mostly located under the base. With the rest of the NVL range it is very easy to create squads containing all different poses. Although at platoon level there will be some duplication. The NVL range of miniatures are very nice, every figure is highly detailed their web gear includes melee weapons, sidearms and/or slung rifles, for those with heavier weapons.

  2. aofelaforce (verified owner)

    -great details
    -fast shipping
    -perfect scale

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