Nieuport 17 (8 pcs)

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French light fighter.

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  1. Harley Graves (verified owner)

    As expected world war 1 fighters are small compaired to later designs the 1/600 model is tiny! however dont let that deter you! this plane captures all of the characteristics that are required for identification faithfully. In a pinch you could subsitute the Nieuport 17 for a Nieuport 11. look close you could see the diffrences thou! the top wing is seperate from the body and lower wing part (each plane is 2 parts) the casting is clean with minimal runners to break off and the stiffness of the Picoarmor metal insures that the wings are straight. I am looking for metal head pins to mount these on so the bearing I would normaly use will be farther from the model. this is a great line and I look forward to further releases (bombers!)

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