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NATO Cold War Infantry II (15 pcs)

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  • Support weapons and command miniatures

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4 reviews for NATO Cold War Infantry II (15 pcs)

  1. Bill Rutherford (verified owner)

    I believe these are newer than the Warpac heavy weapons teams and it’s obvious because everybody’s cast as individuals which for me, makes basing (i.e. blending the troop bases into my troop stands’ scenery) much simpler. Each set has seven strips each with a 2-man manpad team and a 2-man mortar (I think) team and seven strips each with a prone LMG and three AT gunners with weapons that would pass for Carl Gs, panzerfausts, or even bazookas. All, with a healthy spot of gooey glue to affix them to your troop stands (to fillet their edges) look good when based.

  2. John Harris (verified owner)

    These guys may be small but they will do the job for you !

  3. Christian Petak (verified owner)

    I really like this particular set because of how flexibly they can be used with other infantry sets. This is especially helpful in light of current real-life events. With the right paint job and some imagination, these soldiers can be with a wide variety of armies.

  4. Christian Petak (verified owner)

    Like a previous reviewer, I appreciate this set for its flexibility. In light of recent real-world events, this is handy. With the right paint job, these guys can be mixed and matched with multiple modern armed forces to simulate various infantry weapons systems. This is why I purchased them, after a previous purchase months before.

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