Napoleonic Sample Pack 1

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This sample pack contains:

  • NAP-601 – Infantry – Shako – 2 strips of 10 figures marching abreast
  • NAP-602 – Infantry – Shako w. plume – 2 strips of 10 figures
  • NAP-604 – Infantry – Shako – command – 1 strip of 10 figures w/color
  • NAP-605 – Grenadiers – Bearskin cap – 1 strip of 10 figures
  • NAP-607 – 6-pdr gun – 3 guns (1 deployed + 1 limbered)
  • NAP-608 – Artillery crew – Shako – 3 strips of 5 figures
  • NAP-609 – Heavy cavalry I – 2 strips of 3 mounted figures
  • NAP-610 – Heavy cavalry Ia – 1 strip of 3 mounted figures (1 w/color)

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5 reviews for Napoleonic Sample Pack 1

  1. Elaine Bennett (verified owner)

    It has a lot of detail for such a tiny miniature. Just what I hoped for.

  2. John Gard (verified owner)

    Good detail. Descent poses. With the correct colors, these can be used for many different regiments and nationality. Very Good!

  3. David Miranda-Klein (verified owner)

    Moving from 40k to small scale historical. These are comically small and I love them! I hope to dip my feet into a couple of periods and replace some counters in hex n counter games with PicoArmor.
    Also, very quick shipping, quality feeling minis despite their size

  4. Gordon Davis (verified owner)

    Beautiful figures. Very small but excellent detail. Painted and based, these miniatures help to create a grand scale feeling to a wargame. 3mm allows you to create epic battles on a smaller table. Great customer service and speedy delivery. I will buy these again after I finish some other 3mm projects.

  5. Vincer2 (verified owner)

    Nice sampling showing the range

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