Middle Eastern Village (18 pieces)

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A 2mm (1/900) scale set of eighteen random middle-eastern buildings, plus one small two-piece mosque. We can’t guarantee that you won’t get any duplicates but we’ll try to keep them to a minimum.

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3 reviews for Middle Eastern Village (18 pieces)

  1. Tranchat (verified owner)

    Beautiful buildings

  2. Bruce Weigle (verified owner)

    I’ve used hundreds of these little buildings for battles set in Tunisia, Malta, and other Mediterranean locales. They’re nicely done and (like most everything in this scale) paint up quickly and attractively. Most are also heavy enough that they can stay in place on a game board by themselves, but can be temporarily attached with a drop of white glue.

  3. robert_piepenbrink (verified owner)

    As Bruce says, workable from Tunisia west to about Iran, nicely detailed and quick to paint. Do give them a quick once-over for flash, but buy them in bulk.

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