M48A2GA2 (15 pcs)

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German MBT with a 105mm cannon.

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4 reviews for M48A2GA2 (15 pcs)

  1. Duke Waldron (verified owner)

    Nice detail, Makes a good US National Gaurd M48A5 or an Israeli upturned M48 for the ‘73 war.

  2. Christian Petak (verified owner)

    Good detail and a must-have vehicle for Cold War American, 70’s-90’s South Korean, and also serves as a good stand-in for a modern Taiwan M-48A5 variant, the CM-11. Versatile enough to invest in a couple packs.

  3. Christian Petak (verified owner)

    A great little mini that has versatility for Cold War American, 70’s-90’s South Korean, and a fine stand-in for a current in-service Taiwan M48A5 variant, the CM-11. Worth investing in a couple packs. Old-school fun.

  4. Christopher (verified owner)

    Echoing previous reviews, very good stand in tank; about 16mm size.

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