Infantry Nam II (15 pcs)

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3 reviews for Infantry Nam II (15 pcs)

  1. Chris Fielitz (verified owner)

    The miniatures themselves were on par with other infantry that are standing/shooting. If you are not familiar with O8 infantry, the ones that are standing tend to be somewhat “beefier” those kneeling or in prone positions. My only issue is that I thought Infantry Nam II would consist of various support weapons. As far as I can tell, they are all armed with rifles. Had I known, I probably would not have ordered them.

  2. Patrick Collins

    The US Nam II comes with a MG stand, and a HQ stand.

  3. Ronald Lewis Brow (verified owner)

    The Nam II pack comes with several strips.
    The first one has five figures. Three of them are m60s. The other two are either m79 grenade launchers or LAWs.

    The two big dioramas are a machine gun team and a medic applying first aid.

    The last three man strip made me laugh. There is a radio man, an officer (wearing a US Cavalry hat à la Apocalypse Now) and a rifleman holding his rifle in the air (I think…it is hard to tell exactly).

    I use this pack to complete my rifle platoon.
    The radio man and a rifleman on a 20mm circular base makes the LT stand.
    One m60 and two rifleman on a 4 x 2 cm base make an m60 MG team. You ideally need two of those. I base them separately for maneuver and base of fire.
    Finally, there is the 60mm mortar. I use a 4 x 2 cm base and the mortar and kneeling guys from GI II pack (the American WW2 infantry).

    I use Robert Duvall and the medic diorama for my company command stand. Add a few extra men for runners, etc.
    A 1sg and XO stand are another option. I recommend a jeep for the 1sg since he will be in charge of casevac (unless you are doing air cavalry).
    I recommend a 32mm base for these teams.

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