Heavy Cavalry I (15 pcs)

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  • Heavy cavalry in French style helmets (Cuirassiers, Dragoons) – 3 poses per stand

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1 review for Heavy Cavalry I (15 pcs)

  1. HestonFan (verified owner)

    I had no breaking accidents when clipping these strips. At this scale 3 poses is more than adequate. This is especially true if modelling a large unit.

    I mixed the Heavy Cavalry I and II together when washing the models. I could not tell the difference between the line strips after they dried. The banner bearers on the command strip (Heavy Cavalry Ia) have a different pose. The other two models look exactly the same on both HC Ia & HC IIa. If you are of a forgiving nature about Napoleonic uniforms using both as the same type of unit is possible. This will give you two varieties of Banner poses.

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