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HARD LUCK BOYS: BATTLE SCENARIOS Volume XIII is the Thirteenth book in a series of Scenario books designed specifically for the PANZER KORPS WWII Rules System.

14 ready to play Scenarios featuring various action with scenarios, maps & Force Groups. Scenarios included:
RUSSIA: Between A Rock and A Hard Place ‘42
RUSSIA: Blood On The Steppes ‘42
FRANCE: Undefeated ‘40
FRANCE: Stand Your Ground ‘40
GERMANY: Old Enemies ‘45
RUSSIA: Race for the Bridge ‘41
RUSSIA: Drive On Taranovka ‘42
CRIMEA: Sebastopol ‘42
CHINA: Iron Scythes ‘29
MONGOLIA: Khalkin Gol Campaign ’38
NORTH AFRICA: Mishap Near Knightsbridge ‘41
HOLLAND: Highway to The Reich ‘44
RUSSIA: Hard Luck Boys ‘41
GERMANY: Struggle for Schmidt ‘44

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