Girder Bridges (pack of 4)

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A 2mm (1/900) scale set of four modern girder bridges.

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Weight .06 lbs

3 reviews for Girder Bridges (pack of 4)

  1. Dyke (verified owner)

    Great bridges. Excellent value and detail

  2. John Drye (verified owner)

    Nice variety of bridges. One can work as that fabulous British invention known as a Bailey Bridge. Also easy to “demolish” the one at Son that annoyed Elliott Gould in “A Bridge too Far”

  3. robert_piepenbrink (verified owner)

    Very good for WWII–or WWIII–games. Do keep in mind that they’re cast as three pieces–sides glued to base–which makes them somewhat more vulnerable than older “stone” bridges. They’ll need careful storage and handling. But this is inherent in the bridges depicted. Nothing wrong with the product.

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