Fort Moultrie

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A 2mm (1/900) scale model of Fort Moultrie, South Carolina. Complete with metal guns.

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  1. Froggy the Great (verified owner)

    Having visited Fort Moultrie the weekend prior to receiving this piece, it was a pleasure to see portions of the Civil War and earlier structures on the model faithfully reproduced from the structures I had just toured.

    The cast was nice and clean, only minimal cleanup to do. The included cannon sprues contained 4 more cannon than I needed, and the cannons themselves are also very nice and in proper scale for 2mm / 1:900. While they appear large on the model, that is how large they are in scale with me on the real thing.

  2. Froggy the Great (verified owner)

    My painted Fort Moultrie. Ship in the background is a 1/900 24-gun frigate.

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