F-35A Lightning II (6 pcs)

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The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is a single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multirole fighter. The “fifth-generation” combat aircraft is designed to perform ground attack and air defense missions. It has three main models: the F-35A conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) variant, the F-35B short take-off and vertical-landing (STOVL) variant, and the F-35C carrier-based Catapult Assisted Take-Off But Arrested Recovery (CATOBAR) variant. The F-35 descends from the X-35, the winning design of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program. The F-35 first flew on 15 December 2006. The F-35 program is the most expensive military weapons system in history.

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3 reviews for F-35A Lightning II (6 pcs)

  1. Jgod618 (verified owner)

    Great job on these 3mm warbirds Pico Armor!

  2. Terry Sargent Jr (verified owner)

    Love that you guys had these and they look really really good.

  3. karim farley (verified owner)

    Yes these these are great, excellent detail. I ordered these along with F-22’s. They look great on my 1/600 Aircraft carriers and 1/700 one’s also. Pico hit a homerun with these. Thanks guys!

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