Civilian Cars (15 pcs)

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  • German made civilian cars: VW Golf, VW Beetle, and Mercedes

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3 reviews for Civilian Cars (15 pcs)

  1. Carlos Miguel Fernandez Perez (verified owner)

    They are cars, not much to say there, looks the part and good models, but as they are in scale, prepare some glasses or zoom to paint them, they are like specs! Props to the modeler!

  2. Eric Slankard (verified owner)

    These are great in detail, but unless you have the eye of Steve Austin… you’ll be straining to paint these miniatures.

  3. Mark Beadle (verified owner)

    Nice minis, will be used as background terrain for city hexes in some 3mm Ogre/GEV games. I’ve bought from Picoarmor before and as usual no problems and quick turnaround,

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