Cataclysm: Scenario Book X

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PANZER KORPS BATTLE SCENARIOS Volume X is the Tenth in a series of Scenario books designed specifically for the PANZER KORPS WWII Rules System.

There are 16 ready to play Scenarios featuring larger and more challenging scenarios with maps & Force Groups. Scenarios included:

A Savage Storm: Breakout at Mtzensk ‘41 Battle for the Uryv Bridgehead ‘42 Battle for Aprilia ‘44 Clash of Armor ’44 Battle for Kecskemet ‘44 Battle of Dnov ‘41 Relief of Stalingrad ‘42 Bremoncourt ‘44 Siege Of Hong Kong ‘41 Kharkov ‘42 Nordic Fist ‘41 Battle of Le Cateau ‘40 Operation Grozny ‘42 Operation Zitadelle ‘43 Last Panzer Victory ‘45 Operation Epsom ‘44.

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