Battle of Britain Sample Pack

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PP-250 includes:

  • 2 Me-109E (WWH-626)
  • 2 Me-110 (WWH-631)
  • 2 Ju-87 (WWH-627)
  • 2 Do-17 (WWH-635)
  • 2 He-111 (WWH-658)
  • 2 Spitfires (WBR-615)
  • 2 Hurricanes (WBR-602)

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6 reviews for Battle of Britain Sample Pack

  1. Terry Mealy (verified owner)

    These are nice minis! They have nice details for the scale. The mold lines and flash are minimal.

    The bottoms of the minis have a hole that looks like it would take 20 to 22 gauge wire. The fighter-sizes minis will probably be too small for typical flight stands and magnets.

    I haven’t painted these up yet, but they are in the queue. I look foward to using them for “Check your 6!” and especially “Bag the Hun!”

    I am happy with these and will probably be buying more.

  2. Terry Mealy (verified owner)

    These are nice minis! There is a lot of detail for the size, and the mold lines and vents are easy remove.

    The package itself comes with a nice selection of aircraft for the Battle of Britain.

    Mounting these on flight stands could be tricky! A 3mm disc magnet is going to look huge if glued onto a fighter-sized craft. I am probably going to use wire stands.

    I don’t have mine painted yet, but it should be an easy job. I am looking forward to using these for games of Bag the Hun! and/or Check you 6!

  3. dimitri.boria (verified owner)

    Very good pack for 1940 battles. Just Ju88 is missing…

  4. Patrick Gilliland (verified owner)

    An excellent assortment of BoB aircraft. Small enough to be used as counter replacements for classic board games like AH Airforce, but not so small as to lack detail for more modern games like Bag the Hun

  5. Brent Carter (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the quality and the service. I’ve already got the base coats on and they are working great with my Fighting Wings maps.

  6. Angelo Dalessandro (verified owner)

    These aircraft come so finely detailed and almost no flash or cleanup necessary, fantastic little planes and the cost is unbeatable. Great products!

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