3mm Sci-Fi Sample Pack

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PP-600 includes:

  • 3 PSF-603 (Alligator APC)
  • 3 PSF-609 (Manta APC)
  • 3 PSF-615 (M76 McAuliffe MBT)
  • 3 PSF-619 (Onager BR)
  • 3 PSF-621 (Xeons I – Alien Creatures)
  • 3 PSF-626 (Pegasus GEV Hovercraft)
  • 3 PSF-628 (Venators – heavy powered infantry)

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Weight .09 lbs

4 reviews for 3mm Sci-Fi Sample Pack

  1. Patrick Gilliland (verified owner)

    A great assortment to get a feel for the size of these miniatures. Well cast in a hard alloy, no flash but some “worms” from the casting vents that easily snap off. These are tiny figures but still manage good detail for their size. I will be ordering more.

  2. Joachim Carrillo de Cangas (verified owner)

    Very good customer service. Amazing detail on such a small mini. Will buy again. Highly recommended

  3. Gordon Davis (verified owner)

    Beautiful little sculpts. Perfect for epic scale wargaming. Casting looks great. Excellent customer service! Will certainly buy again.

  4. Daniel Norton (verified owner)

    Wanting to dip my feet into 3 mm I decided what better way than a “pack “. These are really cool and I will definitely be Purchasing more so I can have a full on Syfy game.

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