2S6 Tunguzka (15 pcs)

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  • Tracked AA vehicle armed with missiles and 30 mm guns

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2K22 Tunguska

The 2K22 Tunguska (Russian: 2К22 “Тунгуска”; English: Tunguska) is a Russian tracked self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon armed with a surface-to-air gun and missile system. It is designed to provide day and night protection for infantry and tank regiments against low-flying aircraft, helicopters, and cruise missiles in all weather conditions. Its NATO reporting name is SA-19 “Grison“.

Additional Information: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9K22_Tunguska

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1 review for 2S6 Tunguzka (15 pcs)

  1. Jgod618 (verified owner)

    Very cool addition to any battlefield

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