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How To Paint 3mm War Minis Part 3

Admittedly, painting minis has taken a back seat to some pressing issues in my world, not the least of which is going to come to either a happy conclusion or world shattering end tomorrow when the polls close at 7pm tomorrow.

It’s taken me close to two weeks to finally upload photos from our last painting session and during that time, it looks like my friends over at Pico are starting to post some cool stuff on their blog (finally..and again, welcome to the 21st century). It has something to do with 18th century warfare and how you’d start the set and army and something and zzzzzzzzzz and I’m definitely NOT inclined to getting into the weeds on this one. But if you are, go and check them out here.

So last we left, we had primed and done all this boring… I mean… important… stuff to the minis. We reconvened, and this time, there were a lot more colors involved, which made things a lot more interesting.

Of course, as I was doing my online wasting o’time/research, I came across this post in that was actually pretty fantastic… he’s doing larger figures from a game called Heroquest… which is not to be confused with an actual board game called DrunkQuest (I kid you not). Why the hell would you need a game to TELL you when to drink? Isn’t that what you are doing before, during and after? How about a game called BreatheQuest? There must be a market out there. I’m on it! I’ve found my new concept for my board game 🙂

Ok… so last we left off, we had primed tanks… super boring…

So we turned it up to 11 and busted out all the fancy colors…

…color wheel… everything…

Right? Here I am thinking I’m going to be painting rainbow-colored tanks and stuff. Which, btw – I TOTALLY forgot to take a pic of my unicorn after I got done with him, but this is his BEFORE photo:

But instead, the Pico nerds introduce me to the color “Army green”. Boooo.

The good thing is that it is easy to mix, and slap on the color. After we let them dry for awhile, we used the OTHER exciting color of black to paint in the treads.

I did manage to snap one pic of JacJac’s awesome orc, which The R noted was actually OLDER than him by quite a number of years 🙂 Nicely done JJ. You just wait until I finish my UniBuddy!

I promise I’ll take better pictures next session…which we’re still trying to figure out given our cray t-giving travel schedules.
Hope you enjoy!

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