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Can You Hear The Wagner?

A blitz over the weekend got my NVA base forces done. Now the NVA, VC, and Americans all have companies ready, and I can live without mortars and a few other bits and pieces for a while. Once they’re sealed I’m at the next stage – actually playing with them! This is the first real project I’ve gotten to the gaming stage.

The whole company as seen from above (can you hear the Wagner?):

The company head on:

The company HQ (left) and Commissar (right). As the biggest Big Men in the company, I added the little red badge to their sun helmets. But no more!

A bunch of views of the various squads/fire teams:

And some views of the MG teams (one blurrier than the others):

Snipers and a two-man base (another Big Man or to turn the LMG into a HMG):

The rocket teams:

Sneak Peak:

Still a work-in-progress, but the first Indian artillery piece is underway. The gunners need to be painted, and the dirt needs a wash in brown. The redoubt is meant to be portrayed as a hasty redoubt, made of dirt and wood. The redoubt as Irregular makes it is better suited for a permanent (stone) position, but I don’t really see that for 18th century India.

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  • Darby says:

    A few (ok, more than a few) years ago before Marcin made NVA figures, I set my Veitnam games up by using figures from the British WW2 line. Paint their helmets an appropriate color and they work great for the conical sunhats! Of course, those older figures are much more slight than the newer NVA line, and don’t have AK’s, so YMMV. 🙂

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